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Hi, I'm Sydney - let me give you a few pointers for local dog walksWoof! and welcome to West Dorset Leisure Holidays, my name is Sydney and my family own the five holiday parks. It has recently been brought to my attention just how many dogs visit our holiday parks every year with their owners and after much discussion I have suggested it’s time to make a special guide just for my doggie friends. We decided the best tour guide for the job would be me, living here all my life I can take you on a woof journey of the best things to see and do…

Doggie rules

Sorry friends but we need to get this bit out of the way first. The most important thing to remember at the holiday parks are that we must be kept on a lead at all times, this means we have to follow the boss, make sure we don’t get into any trouble and try our best not to have any arguments with other dogs on holiday. Now, if you need a poop at the holiday park or on the public footpaths your owner must use a poop scoop and there are dog waste bins that must be used. Only 2 dogs are allowed per reservation (bring your best friend) and make sure your owner never leaves you unattended in our holiday park or in a hot car.

Phew, with that out of the way, now for the fun stuff

Highlands End Holiday Park has a large field that is used purely for exercising, we can be let off our lead and play freely, take in those stunning views of the Jurassic coast and Eype Downs – I bet our owners wonder if we will ever come back! But the nice fence around the field will keep us in unfortunately.

The other 4 holiday parks don’t have these exercise areas but that’s because they’re surrounded by National Trust land which is still a great opportunity for us with long country walks on designated footpaths surrounded by West Country countryside.

Buying something new

The holiday park shops currently sell most importantly our doggie dinners and snacks but will soon be supplying a whole new range of dog treats, we must keep our noses to the air and sniff out when the new supply arrives! Try and convince your boss to take some home rather than that horrible stick of rock.

Little extras coming soon

We are dog friendly at West Dorset Leisure Holidays group of ParksThe holiday parks will soon be providing new shower areas for us and automatic water filling drinking bowls, look out for these at main door entrances and clip areas to tie us up safely whilst our owners are buying our yummy holiday treats in the shop.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the bar at Highlands End, the first round is on me! Us dogs should stick together and if you have any other ideas on how to improve your doggie holiday please do let a member of our staff know!”

Have fun, WOOF


Important numbers for your owners

Bridport Vets: 01308 456771 (24 hour)
Weymouth Vets: 01305 784197 (24 hour)
Dorchester Vets: 01305 251632 (24 hour)
Morcombelake Dog grooming: 01297 489653
Bridport Dog grooming: 01308 424447
Weymouth Dog grooming: 01305 785860

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